About me

I'm a computer scientist from Italy. Ex Londoner, now working as a Software Consultant.
I like finding the right tool for the job, and I've worked with several technologies over these years.
I love hackatons, music gigs and prog rock/metal. I also host 20+ people Lan Parties with maniacal preparation since 2005.
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I've worked with

Side Projects

EFT Reference and Builders

NoFoodAfterMidnight's Ammo and Armor Charts for Escape from Tarkov. Data is automatically pulled from a Google spreadsheet


Launched on 17/12/2021. ~120k users/1M pageviews per month


Watch multiple Twitch streams on your screen.


Launched on 10/03/2021. ~5000 users/mo (01/11/2021)


A simple ecommerce solution to bootstrap your online shop in a minute.


Launched on 04/03/2021


Built with GatsbyJS, each page served is server side rendered. Running in a docker container, this instance is hosted on a 1core/1GB machine alongside a few other websites, all exposing port 80 on a dedicated docker network. Nginx acts as reverse proxy to map each request to the correct docker container.


I've been a BOINC contributor since 2009, with a network of up to 15 machines. As a recent example, the promising results against COVID-19 (https://bit.ly/2TM82OR) proved once again how this is worth being part of. Want to help? you can use this https://github.com/NicolaGenesin/Dockerized-Boinc-Runner to join us in minutes!



A bot that periodically grabs the latest deals from Amazon and posts them to Telegram, Facebook, Wordpress and Discord pages/channels.

~1000 users


I'll do the Route 66 in 2020. This is a simple map made in ~4 hours to show a few points of interest I want to visit! All data is sourced from Github.

(Bluetooth) Music player

Android app communicating through BT to a dockerized flask app running on a rpi2. Used to play the music I have on my local network without the need of internet access.



Android app and a high performane Express & Redis backend to track airplanes in realtime thanks to an open ADS-B network. Shut down by Google for unknown reasons. Rebuilt in React Native, but never published.


Temp Monitor

A DHT-22 sensor coupled with a raspberry, Grafana + InfluxDB and a little python script that helps me monitor my home temperature.


Procedural city

An attempt to procedurally generate a city in Unity3D, with mono. Taking inspiration from the demoscene, see "Farbrausch - fr-041: debris".

Ethereum Miner (Proxy)

A WPF form program that enables you to run an ETC/ETH gpu miner with minimal configuration.


Leap Motion DJ

Prototype built with Unity, C# and a Leap Motion. Choose your virtual vinyl and scratch it! Turntable and vinyl models created by Nicola Berti.



An android app that tracks the bitcoin performances (thanks to blockchain.info's api) and plots them on a graph.


Jamendo Client

Android app that lets you download (royalty-free) music and listen to it on your phone. Shut down by Google for unknown reasons.



Android music player and Flask backend to enrich local songs with metadata taken from several open source databases. Shut down by Google for unknown reasons.



Mobile CD

Made in a few hours, this simple tool deploys your apk (android) or zip (ios) artifacts to Appetize.io (mobile web emulator). Simple helper to any CI pipeline. After an artifact has been built, a file watcher will notice the change and push an update request to the web emulator.



Android app and a Express backend to search imgur images, using imugur APIs. Shut down by Google for unknown reasons.




Whatsapp clone prototype that uses glyphs instead of latin characters.

Not published

Heavy Rain

A single button app that plays a rain sound I've recorded at home. Built in React Native.


Camera Toy

Before instagram was mainstream, I made this android app to add cartoonish features (e.g. glasses) on top of facial features, in real-time, through your phone camera. Built thanks to Android NDK/SDK and the HAAR-like classifier provided by OpenCV.


3D Modeler

A 3D modeler built in C++/OpenGL thanks to Qt Libraries and Blender. You can import .3ds, .xml and .obj models, transform them (scale, rotate, translate), apply lights of different nature and change textures.

University Project